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Salesforce PDI試験問題集は今のIT資格認定の市場に評判がとても高いです。Salesforce PDI試験問題集でスムーズに試験に合格することができます。では、どうして、Salesforce PDI試験問題集を使って100%合格することが保証できますか。












1.developer created this Apex trigger that calls MyClass .myStaticMethod:
trigger myTrigger on Contact (before insert) ( MyClass.myStaticMethod(trigger.new, trigger.oldMap); }
The developer creates a test class with a test method that calls MyClass.mystaticMethod, resulting in 81% overall code coverage.
What happens when the developer tries to deploy the trigger and two classes to production, assuming no other code exist?
A. The deployment fails because the Apex trigger has no code coverage.
B. The deployment fails because no assertions were made in the test method.
C. The deployment passes because the Apex code has required (>75%) code coverage.
D. The deployment passes because both classes and the trigger were included in the deployment.
Answer: A

2.Which code should be used to update an existing Visualforce page that uses standard Visualforce components so that the page matches the look and feel of Lightning Experience?
A. <apex:page lightningStyleSheets=”true”>
B. <apex:page>
C. <apex:commandButton styleClass="slds-vf-button_brand" value="Refresh the Page">
D. apex:actionStatus
Answer: A

3.What are three techniques that a developer can use to invoke an anonymous block of code? (Choose three.)
A. Use the SOAP API to make a call to execute anonymous code.
B. Create a Visualforce page that uses a controller class that is declared without sharing.
C. Run code using the Anonymous Apex feature of the Developer’s IDE.
D. Type code into the Developer Console and execute it directly.
E. Create and execute a test method that does not specify a runAs() call.
Answer: A,C,D

4.A developer needs to create a baseline set of data (Accounts, Contacts, Products, Assets) for an entire suite of test allowing them to test independent requirements various types of Salesforce Cases.
Which approach can efficiently generate the required data for each unit test?
A. Use @TestSetup with a viod method.
B. Create test data before Test.startTest() in the unit test.
C. Add @isTest(seeAllData=true) at the start of the unit test class.
D. Create a nock using the Stud API
Answer: A

5.Which three resources in an Azure Component can contain JavaScript functions?
A. Controllers
B. helper
C. Design
D. Style
E. Renderer
Answer: A,B,E