exam IBM C9020-668: IBM Storage Technical V1

試験問題数: 60
試験時間: 90
合格ライン: 55%
試験言語: 英語

An IBM mainframe client has IBM DS8886 CKD storage installed. The customer has decided to use 
another new IBM DS8886 and use IBM Metro Mirror to provide a synchronous redundant copy of the 
Which additional IBM software enables non-disruptive failover in the event of a storage hardware failure? 
A. IBM Remote Pair FlashCopy 
B. IBM Global Mirror 
C. IBM High performance FICON 
D. IBM HyperSwap 
Answer: D

How are key management services provided for the IBM DS8886 storage system? 
B. Blockchain 
C. Full disk encryption 
D. Non-repudiation system 
Answer: A